One-Off Wheels

Break Free and create something Extraordinary.

From Fantasy to Reality, we will create the wheels of your dreams.

Don't settle for the ordinary to become one of the many.

Break Free from the Ordinary and create something Extraordinary!

Treat yourself to the wheels you deserve and Lead the Pack! 

Easy as 1-2-3!


It starts with an idea...

 All we need is an idea to get stated 

OldsMobile, Sic Chops, SicChops, 1951 Oldsmobile, 1951 Oldsmobile 88 Club Coupe, One Off Wheels

transforms into reality...

 The Idea is then crafted into a reality. 


The Dream is Complete!


Become Extraordinary with a
Custom One Of A Kind Creation! 

Showcased One-Offs

OldsMobile Replica Wheels, Wheels for Oldsmobile, Custom wheels for Oldsmobile, Billets for Custom

SicChop's 1951 Oldsmobile 88 Club Coupe

A premium Oldsmobile Crafted by SicChops and the SicCrew.  

Equipped with One Off Wheels to Replica the Stock Hubcap look.  

Sic BosBus, Sic Volkwagon, One-Off, One-Offs, SicChops, Wolkswagon, One-Offs, One-Off Wheels, VW rim

Sic Bus

SicChops ' 1961 VW Micro Bus 23 Window

Award winner of 2014 "Mothers Shine Award" at 2014 Sema

1956 Continental Mark II, Sicchops, Levansworth, Billet Wheels, Custom Wheels, One-Off, One-offs,

Sic's Continental Mark II

Sicchops's 1956 Continental Mark II

FloAirRide, FloAir,FloOuth, Slamd Mag, One-Off, One-Offs, Mikea Slamd

The Flo&BrassKnuckle Lincoln

A collaborative build with the #FLO Crew

One-Offs Made Possible with the #FLO Crew

Sic 1951 Beetle, One-Off, One-offs, Custom Wheels, Billet, Sic Chops, Sicchops

Sic's 1951 Volkswagon Beetle

Sicchops's Split Window Beetle

CGS Flat Back, Flatback, Sema 2010, CGS Mustang

CGS's 2010 Flatback Mustang

CGS's 2010 Sema Debut

Dave Tucci 1941 Cadillac One-offs One-Off Wheels Custom Wheels Billets Caddy wheels Caddy Replicas

Dave Tucci's 1941 Cadillac

One-Off Wheels now termed as the "Caddy Replica Wheels"

20" Rears and 18" Fronts

Dacono, One-Offs , One-Off Wheels, Custom Wheels, Billet Wheels, IAMAUTO WestCoastCustoms's Corvette 's IAMAUTO created by the World Famous "West Coast Customs"

Equipped with Dacono WhiteWall Wheels

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