Levansworth "The Spoke Billet Wheel"

Levansworth , Levansworth Wheels, Billets, Custom Wheels, Billet Spokes, Multi-Spoke Wheels, R-Caps, Made in the Usa

Show Polish Levansworth Wheels

Picture taken in the sun.  A Show Polish Finish.  With R Cap and Lincoln Engraving

Levansworth, Levansworth Wheels, Billet Wheels, Custom Wheels, Spoked Wheels, Polished, R Caps

M. Lamora's Lincoln with Levansworth and R Caps

Levansworth Wheels Show Polished with R Caps and Raised Logo

Levansworth Wheels, Hot Rods and Custom Stuff, Jay Leno, Buick Riviera, Gold Flake, Billet, Polished

A Hot Rods and Custom Stuff Build

This Buick Riviera was built by Hot Rods and Custom Stuff and featured 18" Levansworth Wheels and First R Caps Made

Sic Chops, Sicchops, Scotts Insane Chops, Levansworth Wheels, Custom Wheels, Billets, Polished

Sic's Levansworth Wheels and Spiked Caps

A Sic Chops build featuring our Levansworth Wheels and Custom Spiked Cap

Levansworth Wheels, Levansworth, Custom Wheels, Billets, Billet Wheels, Spoked Wheel

Sicchops' 59 Cowboy Cadillac

Equipped with Levansworth Wheels and Standard 7" Cap and Custom Engraving.

Custom Steering Wheel made by Colorado Custom

Levansworth Wheels, Levansworth, Cadillac, Cadillac Logo, Custom Wheels, Billets, Show Polished

Levansworth Wheels With Custom Engraving

Levansworth sitting outside with high reflection on cap.  Custom Engraving

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